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(Meet the folks that make it work!)

Dr. Winter and staff pose for a staff picture.

Left to right: Cathy Zych, Dr. Kali-Nicole H. Campbell, Nikki Kimmel, Dezirae (Dez) C. Van Tassell, Dr. Greg Winter, Hayley S. Langston, and Lee Booth
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Drs Winter and Campbell pose for a picture.

Dr. Greg Winter and Dr. Kali-Nicole Campbell

Dr. Greg Winter, DVM

Veterinarian and owner of Winter Animal Hospital which he first established 11  years ago.  He is the proud
owner/caregiver of two dogs: Fury, a Dobie; Rage, a Vizsla; Trixie an eight year old Minature Dachshund; and Dora - Torti a cat.

Dr. Greg Winter      Dr. Winter and his daughter Reagan at Halloween.

Dr. Winter is the proud father of Reagan Colby (decked out for Halloween).   In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, boating, golf, FSU and UGA sports.

Dr. Kali-Nicole H. Campbell, DVM

Veterinarian who joined Winter Animal Hospital on November 9, 2011.  We are glad she is here!

Dr. Kali-Nicole Campbell, DVM

Dr.Kali-Nicole Campbell, is a 2007 University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine graduate.  She is originally from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She has a strong interest in soft tissue surgery and ophthalmology. After working in small animal private practice, relief veterinary medicine and shelter medicine, Dr. Campbell joined Winter Animal Hospital in November, 2011. She and her husband have two daughters and a Welsh Pembroke Corgi named, Miss Ann Pooh Froo.  Dr. Campbell likes to spend time with her family, reading, playing the piano and cooking.

Lee Booth

Cathy Zych

Lee has been a Veterinary Technician at Winter Animal Hospital for the past 11 years.  Lee enjoys FSU football and baseball.

Lee Booth

Cathy Zych

Cathy has been a Veterninary Technician at Winter Animal Hospital for the past six months.

Cathy has two dogs, Mikey and Lul as well as four cats: Bandit, Oreo, Lindsey and Tommy.

She has a strong interest in canine physical rehabilitation, canine massage and acupressure.  When not at work, Cathy enjoys going to the beach, boating, riding motorcycles, baking, sewing, music, and of course, animals <smile>.

Hayley S. Langston

Dezirae (Dez) C. Van Tassell

Hayley Langston

Hayley has been a Receptionist at Winter Animal Hospital for 3 years all together.  

She is the proud owner/caretaker of Bear a three year old Black Lab.

Hayley enjoys going to the beach, going out on the boat, going fishing, hanging out with friends, watching movies, playing with her dog and other animals.

Dez Van Tassell

Dez has been a Receptionist at Winter Animal Hospital for a year.

 I no longer have scrappy, she passed away begining of November & I now have a new edition to my family.  I had a foster dog who I ended up adopting.  Gunner is a 2yr old male Pitbull.  Greg also has a new pet to add.  Her name is Trixie and she is an 8yr old Dachshund, Minature.

Dez loves animals as witnessed by her current pets:
Gryffendor, an eight year old Brussels Griffon; Kimiko, a six year old English Bulldog; Bruiser a 10 month old pit mix; Needy and Torti, two year old and 14 month old tortoises respectively; Jaco, an African Grey; and her newest addition Gunner a two year old Pitbull (Dez had been fostering the dog and ended up addopting him ;-).

Her interests include horses, motor cycles and being on the water.

Nikki Kimmel

Heather Molinary

Nikki Kimmel

Nikki has been a Kennel Technician and Media Coordinator at Winter Animal Hospital for the past six months.

She is the owner/caretaker of Lycan, a German Shepard/wolf hybrid; Dozier, a Blue Heeler; Jackie, an Australian Shepard; Princess Dinky, a Chihuahua/ terrier mix; Turk, a Pixie bob; Charlie, Quaker, Tink Tink mouse and Scrunchy a Columbian Red Tail Boa. 

When  not caring for her critters, Nikki enjoys the sun and sand, the woods, hunting, fishing, and LOVE being a mom!


Heather has been a Kennel Technician at Winter Animal Hospital for the last three months.

She has one pet, Coco a Boxer mix.

Heather enjoys reading, going on vacation, working out, and going out.

A picture will be forthcoming.

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